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Engineers and decision-makers worldwide know: Fibres and additives from RUTHMANN make asphalt more resilient, durable and sustainable. More

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us.

Our products are predominantly made from recycled raw materials. We produce high-quality building materials that help save energy, make roads more durable and quieter, reduce noise and optimise investments. At the same time, we reduce the use of primary raw materials.

Our Greenline products:

INNOCELL cellulose fibres made from recycled paper

LongLife fibres made from recycled PET bottles and recycled polymer fibres

RAR-X GRM Rubber additives from recycled scrap tyres

Engineers around the world have been working with our products since 2002.

All over the world, decision-makers and designers rely on our fibres and asphalt additives.

Bridge decks
High-strength asphalt pavements
General road construction

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